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Call Recording

Marsview works with a variety of video conferencing solutions and dialers to record meetings. The recordings can be captured live or imported by users and stored on Marsview cloud at low costs.

Automatic Transcription

Marsview ASR technology is purpose-built for online, virtual meetings and web conferences. It is designed to support custom vocabularies to transcribe customer and domain specific terms accurately.

Speaker Identification

Marsview's advanced speaker identification model offers the highest accuracy in the industry today. Users can automatically assign speaker names with a click of a button.

Screen Grabs and Clips

Built as a video-first platform, Marsview is the only company in this category that captures key frames and slides from videos and screen sharing from an online web conference. Clips are auto-curated and personalized at multiple levels.

Meeting Templates

Depending on the type of the meeting, templates give full control to the meeting hosts to design the output format of Notes. Users can enter trigger words to listen to specific words and phrases.

Custom Vocabulary

Marsview supports user specific terms and vocabularies for transcription. Additionally, we support user managed dictionaries for acronyms, proper names and others situations that require custom word mappings.

In-Meeting Analytics

After every meeting, Marsview automatically analyzes meetings for call quality, sentiments, engagement level, topics and keywords to provide a scorecard of key indicators.

Sync to CRM

Marsview has pre-built integrations with CRM, Project Management and other systems that makes it easy to securely update using Sync features.

Share and Download

With Marsview's Share feature, you can share and collaborate on the transcript with others for view and edits using a share link that can be distributed to others.

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