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Take notes and capture moments as they happen with a click of a button with Marsview Zapp.

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For Individuals, Teams & Enterprises

Marsview Notes is a leading note-taking assistant used by individuals, product managers, project managers, team leads, program managers, sales and customer success managers and corporate executives.

Saves time, effort and improves productivity.

Capture Meeting Summary, Notes, Actions and Decisions

Marsview Notes automatically transcribes what’s spoken, shown and written in a live or a pre-recorded meeting. Using patent-pending AI technologies, the application writes out comprehensive notes, actions, questions and decisions. This information is sent via email to the meeting hosts in an easy to consume format for distribution.

Automatically Record Your Meetings or Access Recordings

Marsview works with your video and web conferencing solutions in two ways. We join as a silent participant to every meeting and record the session or integrate with your video communications solution to access stored recordings. Marsview can be set up to scan your calendar and auto join so no meetings are missed.

Search, Play, Edit, Organize and Share Meeting Notes

Collaborate with meeting attendees to review and modify the notes using an easy to use interactive editor interface. Participants can add comments and highlight key points. Meeting hosts would have the ultimate control to finalize and publish the summary via an email or a link.

Integrate seamlessly with Video Communications Solution

You can import a local recording of a meeting in a file format or select from a range of readily available integrations with leading video communications and web conferencing solutions.

Discover Insights for Better Outcomes

Quickly search on keywords or topics to jump to the exact moments of the meeting for review or replay. The powerful semantic search engine can scan across all meetings to auto-curate the right clips for you to review. This helps managers and attendees to skim through any missed meetings or access critical information from already completed meetings.


Saves time, cost and improves worker productivity.

Improves accuracy of notes and actions reducing business risks.

Scales to the need of the remote working environment.



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