Bring your conversations to life.

Marsview APIs are trusted by thousands of developers who are integrating conversation intelligence in voice, video, and chat-driven applications.

The Fastest Path to Actionable Intelligence


Analyze Every Call

Integrate Marsview APIs with contact center workflows to listen and analyze all interactions for agent coaching opportunities, compliance audit tracking and call quality management.


Moderate Chat Live

Integrate with chat collaboration tools like Zoom, MS Teams to capture, screen and analyze chat conversations for response time management, query resolution, compliance/PII data verification and sentiment analysis.


Analyze Screen Activity

Integrate Marsview APIs with video conferencing solutions to capture, extract and analyze faces, emotions, body movements and screen activities for call summarization and visual search.


Make Real-time Decisions

Integrate Marsview APIs with live call streams to display contextual insights during the conversation.

Build it with Marsview

Marsview's full suite of language, speech, vision, and empathy APIs help you to rapidly deploy customized AI solutions at scale with high confidence.

Speech to Text

Convert voice to text and produce transcripts.

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Natural Language Classifier

Return the best matching responses to questions or next best actions.

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Tone Analyzer

Detect emotional and language tones in voice or written text.

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Language Understanding

Extract metadata from content such as topics, entities, keywords, actions, emotion, sentiments and more.

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Conversational Analytics

Capture interaction metrics such as engagement level, talk-to-listen ratio, dead-air, call quality and more.

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Human Machine Interface

Build your own digital human with interactive intelligence to power the next generation digital workforce.

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Content Moderation

Filter out profanity, NSFW images, hate speech, PII etc. and protect your user community and brand.

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Meta Tagging

Deeply analyze voice, video and textual data from streams and tag them.

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Omni-channel Support

Ingest stream data from every channel— text messages to emails, phone calls to video, intelligent chatbots for processing.

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A Complete Developer Platform from Conversation to Value.

Marsview offers a fully integrated AI platform with Voice Recognition, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Automated Machine Learning capabilities.

Scalable Architecture

Designed for scale and provisioned for peak performance to grow with your needs.


Robust Security

Marsview encrypts all data via 256-bit SSL encryption and complies with GDPR and CCPA standards.


Deployment Options

Optimized for public cloud and private on-premise deployments.


Seamless Integration

Easy-to-use connectors, extensions, and integration plugins for your applications.


Modularized API Building Blocks

Flexible APIs to help you create your own conversational applications.


High Uptime and 24x7 Support

99.9% uptime with always-on support via email, chat and web call.


Where we fit in


100% Owned IP

Customize with confidence


Affordable Pricing

Pay for what you use


Developer Friendly

Deploy within minutes

“It was super easy to work with Marsview technology and the talented AI team. We were able to get our solutions done faster!”

Todd Stott
Vice President, Architecture and Infrastructure, TTEC