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How Marsview Transcription works?

Get automatic transcript and insights instantly from phone conversations and web conferences.


Record voice calls and video meetings from phone or web app or integrate with Zoom.


Get clean, punctuated transcripts with assigned speakers sent to your inbox within minutes.


Edit or Download transcript and notes to collaborate and share with others.

Find the right Marsview plan for you

Basic (FREE)

For trial users and hobbyists.

  • 600 min/user/month
  • Max 60 min/recording
  • 1 GB Recordings + Unlimited Notes Storage
  • Free till you upgrade
  • Record Audio
  • Real-time Transcription
  • Edit Transcript
  • Download Transcript


For Individuals and Small Companies.

$9.99 (Monthly)
  • 6000 min/month/user
  • Max 4 hours/recording
  • 10 GB Recordings + Unlimited Notes Storage
  • Record Audio & Video
  • Real-time Transcription
  • Notes Edit, Share, Collaborate
  • Zoom Integration
  • Calendar Integration


For Professionals and Mid-market Companies.

$19.99 (Monthly)
  • 6000 min/user/month
  • Max 4 hours/recording
  • 20 GB Recordings + Unlimited Notes Storage
  • All Pro Lite Features Plus
  • All Integrations
  • Analytics
  • Scratch Pad
  • Custom Vocabulary
  • Custom Meeting Templates


For Large Teams and Enterprises.

Request Pricing
  • 6000 min/user/month
  • No Limits
  • No Limits
  • All Pro Plus Features and
  • Custom Models
  • Team Vocabulary
  • APIs


and more.

Marsview is the most trusted conversation intelligence platform for all your daily meetings, conversations and interactions.

Marsview is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps you automatically schedule, record, transcribe and share voice and video conversations. The application provides an intelligent MeetingspaceTM for users to manage all client relationships, launch meetings, get interactive transcripts and insights from one place.

Automatic Transcription

Marsview transcribes your meetings in real-time with industry leading accuracy and scale. Speaker assignments, punctuations, screen grabs and clips gives users a complete experience.

Intelligent Insights

Marsview's AI engine automatically captures insights such as action items, questions and responses, topics, call quality, sentiments, engagement levels, meeting activity and more.

Analytics and Scorecard

Marsview provides an easy to use graphical interface to query meetings data for analysis.  At the end of every meeting, Marsview sends a scorecard of call quality metrics to assess the meeting.

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