Marsview | Meeting Notes, Recording & Transcription
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Marsview is used by thousands of business professionals and corporate executives to improve client conversion, engagement and retention.

Manage Client Interactions

A simple, scalable way to unify all customer conversations, meetings and transcripts to create visibility and facilitate interactions.

Review Meeting Outcomes

Use the auto-generated insights to quickly put together meetings notes to share or catch up on a missed meeting.

Improve Productivity.

Automate the pre and post meeting tasks using pre-built integrations and connectors to accelerate the process.

Analyze Meeting Performance

Up-level your meeting performance from automated scorecards and personalized call insights.

Integrated App Experience

Rapidly integrated with video conferencing solutions like Zoom, CRM systems, project management systems, calendaring systems like GSuite for a seamless user experience.

Strong security and encryption

Marsview encrypts all data via 256-bit SSL encryption and complies with GDPR and CCPA standards. Data we collect can be accessed only by you.

Analytics & Dashboard

Perform in-depth analysis of conversational data to visualize trends on topics, sentiments, keywords and behaviors to achieve better outcomes.

AI Platform

Marsview Conversation Intelligence Platform is developed from ground up with a video-first strategy. Advanced AI, NLP and Deep Learning models are used to extract metadata from video and voice streams. The metadata is further processed to produce intelligent, actionable insights.


Marsview's ASR technology is developed in house and trained on millions of minutes of conversations. It uses an advanced architecture for higher accuracy and low latency transcription.

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