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Keep stories alive.

Journalists, coaches, announcers, event planners, advertisers and people in public relations love to talk. They are master storytellers. Whether they are conducting an interview or preparing for their own talk, they rely on manual recorders. The process of moving recordings around for transcription and review is cumbersome. They need a reliable and simple tool for taking good notes.

done Use mobile or web app to record every conversation

done Eliminate manual transcription tasks

done Review and Playback on demand

Accessible record of citizen matters.

From cities to cross-border communications, citizens need a channel to report their concerns or speak up their opinions. These conversations are a public record. Due to personal and time limitations, many citizens are unable to participate in the community meetings. Therefore, cities and public service organizations are providing transcripts of meetings for citizen accessibility.

done Provide access to public recordings

done Low cost transcription

done Compliance and auditability


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